Security Advice


Taking Security Seriously - have you ensured your PC is safe to shop online with?

The Internet is a great way to shop online. However, as online solutions become more sophisticated so do attempts by unscrupulous individuals to exploit them. From time to time, phishing attempts are reported in the news with online shoppers being common targets. takes your security very seriously. To ensure that you, our customers, have a completely safe experience not only with us but when shopping online in general we ask you to remember these key points:
  • Make sure your software version is up-to-date and has the latest security patches. Periodically vulnerabilities are discovered in programs running on your desktop. The software publisher will then release a 'patch' to correct this weakness. Virus writers and hackers regularly exploit these weaknesses to gain unauthorized access to those PCs that have not been patched. It’s essential that you make sure your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) is the most up-to-date build.
  • Install anti-virus software. You may already be using anti-virus software, but to be effective the software should be updated on a regular basis with the latest virus definition files
  • Use personal firewalls. A personal firewall helps protect your computer and its contents from outsiders on the internet by restricting unauthorized traffic to and from your PC.
  • Use an anti-spyware program. Spyware is a malicious program which runs on your computer to monitor and record your internet browsing habits and history

In addition to these key points we have several security measures of our own to help protect you, please read our Security Policy for further details.