How do I make an order?
  • Search for the item you are looking to buy, using the search bar at the top of the website.
  • When you have found the item you would like, click the ‘BUY’ button, which will add the item to your basket. (If you see ‘PRE-ORDER’ or ‘BACK ORDER’ above the ‘BUY’ button this means the item is not in stock currently. If clicked this will add the item to your pre-order list)
  • As products displayed on the EuroGames are sold by third-party independent sellers. (EuroGames is neither the buyer nor the seller of the products), it is highly recommended you check the Seller's own Terms and Conditions prior to purchase.
  • Once you have finished shopping click the basket icon and proceed to checkout.
  • You will have the option to pay using a credit / debit card or PayPal. Once you have selected how you wish to pay you will be asked to confirm your purchase.
  • After confirmation of purchase you will be able to find full information on your order in the orders section of your account.
  • You will also be notified by email when the item has been dispatched.
How can I cancel my order?
Physical orders: if your order is currently ‘processing’ this means it is being packed & labelled ready for dispatch. As the majority of sellers ship items on next-day dispatch service or any other service for that matter, If you do decide to cancel your order you need to contact the Sellers directly and request to see if they will attempt to cancel the order for you. If the order can’t be cancelled you can check with the Sellers on their returns procedures and contact the Sellers for a full refund as per their returns policy.

Digital Orders: when purchasing download or digital content, customers waive their rights to a 14-day cooling-off period. As such, you hereby acknowledge that once you click purchase you will lose your right to cancel and refund. For all aftersales matters refer to Sellers’s own terms and conditions pertaining to your order.
Where can I view the orders I have made?
You can view your orders by clicking the ‘Account’ button at the top right hand side of the website. Once your account section loads click the ‘ORDERS’ button to view your order history. Here you will be able to find detailed information on each order made such as the delivery address and cost of it.
Multiple Orders?
Orders consisting of different products may result in different Sellers fulfilling the order, it is therefore required to note that depending on the individual Sellers’ T&Cs the items on the orders may have varying delivery times and aftersales T&Cs that may apply dependent on each Seller.


I have pre-paid for a pre-order; will this be dispatched earlier than someone who hasn’t?
The pre-payment facility on pre-orders is for the convenience of customers and would not affect the dispatch time of your pre-order. All pre-orders are generally dispatched as per the Terms of each seller listing the products. So is highly recommended you review their terms prior to placing the pre-order.
I have cancelled my pre-order but why has my pre-payment not been refunded?
If a pre-paid pre-order has been cancelled the Seller should process a refund immediately. If you note the refund has not been received please contact the Sellers for this to be refunded. If for any reason there is a delay or the Sellers has not responded to your request, you can raise a PayPal dispute via your Paypal resolution section.
How do I cancel a pre-order?

To cancel a pre-order you have to contact the Sellers with whom the pre-order was placed. Bearing in mind different items will have different Sellers you will have to contact each Sellers accordingly. Please refer to the Sellers’ Cancellation policy.